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The objective of the Curricula Subgroup is to formulate an EWICS TC7 Position Paper containing a list of courses, units (thematic modules), and/or topics that are need for effective design as well as safe and secure operation of high dependable systems.

As a first approach work on the subgroup position paper will concentrate on:

1. Description of specific issues associated with safety related systems design.
2. Identification of activities requiring a common educational basis among project activity members.
3. Survey (general or chosen examples) to what extent these issues are present in university curricula or industrial training programmes.
4. Suggestion of courses to be introduced into curricula both of computer science and classical engineering faculties.

Activities and Progress to Date

The Curriculum Subgroup was initiated in April 2001, and presently is working on the position paper.

The Subgroup organised the Joint EWICS/ReSIST Workshop on "Teaching Resilient Computing" which took place in Erlangen, DE, on 2 May 2007
(see ewics-resist-workshop-2007).

Together with the Subgroup MeD and others, the Subgroup organised a Joint Workshop at Warwick in April 2008 to the topic “Human Factors in Education & Training for Safety: Learning from Industry and Health“. Information is available on the webpage www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/med/staff/sujan/ws_hfet2008/programme/

The files are also contained in the attachments on this page (files starting with "2008-").

Contacts and Membership

The Curriculum Subgroup, as all EWICS subgroups, is an open group and we welcome participation. There are a number of ways you could become involved:

  • By review of work as it matures.
  • By providing material on particular problems and practices related to the aim of the subgroup.
  • By offering talks or attending the workshops.
  • By attending meeting and contributing to the work of the group.

For further details please visit the web site www.ewics.org or contact:
  • Udo Voges (Chairman), e-mail: voges 'at' kit.edu
  • Zdzislaw Zurakowski (Vice-Chairman), e-mail: zz 'at' pvd.pl

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