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EWICS/ReSIST Workshop on "Teaching Resilient Computing"

2 May 2007, Erlangen, Germany
(see attachment 00_WS_on_TRC_FP.pdf)

09.00 – 09.10 Opening, Welcome, Organisational remarks

  • Francesca Saglietti, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, Luca Simoncini, University of Pisa, Italy, Udo Voges, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany

09.10 – 09.30
  • Udo Voges "EWICS TC7 and its Subgroup Education and Training"

  • (see attachment 01_Voges)
09.30 - 09.50
  • Luca Simoncini "ReSIST NoE and its WP 3 on Training and Dissemination" (see attachment 02_Simoncini)

09.50 – 10.55 Session 1 (Chair: Udo Voges)
  • Erwin Schoitsch, Austrian Research Centers – ARC, Austria: "Overview on Training Needs, Challenges and Achievements towards “Dependable Embedded Systems Master Courses and Professional Industrial Training”"
  • Zdzislaw Zurakowski, Private Contractor, Poland: "Education and Training Issues in Electric Power Industry" (see attachment 04_Zurakowski)

11.25 – 12.30 Session 2 (Chair: Francesca Saglietti)
  • Maritta Heisel, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany: "Software Development in the Fields of Embedded Systems, Safety, and Security"
  • Alessandro Fantechi, University of Florence, Italy: "Model based Development and Verification of Software for Resilient Computing"

13.45 – 14.50 Session 3 (Chair: Luca Simoncini)
  • Francesca Saglietti, Norbert Oster, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany: "Teaching Software Reliability Engineering"
  • Jean-Claude Laprie, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France: "Teaching Dependability Fundamentals"

15.15 – 16.20 Session 4 (Chair: Udo Voges)
  • Vincenzo De Florio, University of Antwerp, Belgium: "Teaching Resilient Computing in Antwerp: Report, Considerations, and Vision"

  • (see attachment 09_Deflorio)
  • Wolfgang Ahrendt, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: "Experiences with a Dedicated Master's Programme on Secure and Dependable Computer Systems"

16.20 – 17.00 (Chairs: Luca Simoncini, Udo Voges)
  • General Discussion, Conclusion

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