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Existing Publications

EWICS TC7 Position Papers have been published by North Holland Publishing Company and by Verlag TUV Rheinland. The position papers address topics including:

  • Development of Safety Related Software
  • Hardware of Safe Computer Systems
  • Verification and Validation of Safety Related Computer Systems
  • Documentation of Safety Related Computer Systems
  • Techniques for Verification and Validation of Safety Related Software
  • System Requirements Specification for Safety Related Systems
  • Maintenance and Modification of Safety related Computer Systems
  • Safety Related Measures to be used and Software Quality Assurance
  • Design of Computer Systems for Safety
  • Assessment of the Safety and Reliability of High Integrity Industrial Computer Systems
  • Safety Assessment and Design of Industrial Computer Systems - Techniques Directory

In addition three books have been published by Elsevier Science Publishers:
  • "Dependability of Critical Computer Systems - 1 and 2" edited by F.Redmill, ISBN 1 85166-203-0 and ISBN 1 85166-389-1, containing the first ten documents
  • "Dependability of Critical Computer Systems - 3, Techniques Directory" edited by P.Bishop, ISBN 1 85166-544-7, containing the last document

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Some of our current guidelines and publications are available on-line in the document-repository.

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