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Editing Help

The Ewics website is designed to be edited from within a webbrowser. Only Ewics chairpersons will be assigned editing permissions.

If you have editing permissions, you can see how this page is formatted click edit in the top right hand corner of the page.


Use asterisks to create a link to a different page. E.g. a link to "home" page is done like this: home. Links to a web-site can be done similarly: www.adelard.co.uk. Links are case-sensitive since we are running on a Unix Box.


The Ewics website has in-built support for limited formatting.

  • Double underlines are expanded as bold
  • HTML tags can be inserted into the text for formatting if desired

Bulleted lists can be inserted in this website using lines that start "space-hyphen". In addition, every bulleted list must have 2 blank lines before and after in order to ensure correct formatting.
  • here is a sample bulleted list
  • notes that "space-hyphen" are rendered as bullets

  • - you can use "space-space-hyphen" for sub-list bullets,
    - etc
Create a new page
When naming new pages, please use lower-case and hyphens-between-words for easy reference. Also this helps with maintenance of the webspace as space characters are not compatible with urls.
For example to create a page called "New Page" please call it new-page etc.
New pages can be created here: create-new-page

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