EWICS: international-workshop-on-safety-and-security-of medical-sensor-networks

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/BScope of the workshop/b
The workshop addresses the complex issue of networked (wireless) systems in which medical sensor devices are configured for applications that are critical for patients.
This workshop will focus on wireless sensor networks because this is a rapidly emerging application domain where:
- there is an increased security awareness, there are also increasing attempts to gain unauthorised access to medical systems, and
- public networks could be supporting safety-critical applications.
Sensors may also be activators, but even for monitoring sensors timely and correct readings are of paramount importance.

Workshop Aims:
1. To explore safety and security threats of networked medical devices;
2. To assess the extent to which relevant standards are applicable and to identify the gaps that exist in the standards (e.g. 80001);
3. To identify gaps in the current research and to determine possible future research areas;
4. To foster collaboration and exchange of ideas through a community of practice beyond the workshop.

See workshop flyer.

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