European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems Reliability, Safety and Security

The mission of EWICS is:

"To promote the economical and efficient realisation of programmable industrial systems through education, information exchange, and the elaboration of standards and guidelines"

EWICS is active in the field of Programmable Electronic Systems reliability, safety and security. It has members from most European countries, covering various fields of interests and affiliations, as well as from the USA. To achieve the above goals we

    • assess the state of the art in methods and tools for critical software development and maintenance in industrial environments
    • develop standards and guidelines for the development and assessment of safe and secure systems
    • disseminate information and knowledge in this field
    • exchange technical knowledge between members

EWICS TC7 established the for the annual SafeComp conference in 1979 and still serves as the steering committee for the conference.

Membership is free, please contact one of the chair persons if you would like to join us.